What's new in the Designer Handbags Industry?

Irish Times Review Peelo

The nice people in the Irish Times reviewed Peelo in this lovely article. A nice read as always.                                                             Read The

Irish Christmas gifting

D8 Candle Co These 100% soy, 100% handmade Irish candles have become quite the must-have thanks to a weekly product drop that always sells out. Scented with vegan and cruelty-free oils, these candles give a 40-hour burn time and come packaged in the sleekest Scandinavian-inspired designs. We’re big fans of

Designing the Diane Von Furstenberg Stephanie bag | A Career Highlight

Like any career, mine has had its ups and its downs – and, like any career, I have definitely experienced my fair share of stressful days, mountains of paperwork, tight deadlines that felt like they would never be reached… the list goes on! But one of the most incredible highlights

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